Orchestras belong to number of the most favorite and at the same time difficult genres of art creativity. In recent years in their development there was a number of the new problems connected with completing of structures, providing with high-quality tools, tailoring of scenic suits and also skilled heads, enhancement of a technique, tools etc.

National orchestras endure the difficult period now. Therefore interest in work of orchestras isn't accidental. It is explained by desire to make a feasible contribution to ensuring their further blossoming, to consider some aspects of their many-sided activities.

I think, work with orchestra confers the heavy responsibility, requires serious knowledge, ability to right organize and to direct well orchestral collective, and also – a favorite art form of broad masses of the people.

The orchestra – the whole body in which particles of a cage are closely interconnected among themselves that is if one of bodies refuses to work, mean is broken activities of the whole body.

Orchestra – the special, amazing, wonderful country. In order that the orchestra played at the professional level, at the conductor such qualities of nature as initiative, persistence, discipline, organizing talent and at the same time – correctness, restraint and feeling of tactfulness harmoniously shall be combined.

The conductor, as well as any musician, shall study deeply the elementary theory of music, solfeggio (an intoning, rhythmic), harmony, polyphony, the analysis of pieces of music, the nature of a singing voice, an instrumentology, music history (foreign, Russian, domestic), an esthetics etc. [45].

Orchestra not the mechanical and obedient tool. It, public organism, group of any people. They have both the psychology and the reflexes. First of all, it should more – be respected, appreciated and to love selflessly.

Studying and generalization of a work experience of the best heads of music bands shows that correctly organized teaching and educational and creative process promotes not only to growth of art and executive skill of students orchestral players, but also them ideological moral and to esthetic education, forming of social activity.