Annex 4. Percussion instruments

Timpani – a set of several metal hemispheres (boilers), covered with leather on top or its substitute – plastic. The tension of the skin can be regulated with special screws, as a result of which the pitch of each kettle can vary. In concert practice, there are three types of timpani: large, medium and small. They play the timpani with two special chopsticks, which have heads at their ends.

Bells or otherwise – metallofon, consist of metal plates of different sizes, arranged in the form of a piano keyboard. There are two types of bells – simple and keyboard. Most common are simple bells, they are characterized by the fact that according to their plates, the performer directly strikes with metal hammers, which he holds in his hands.

Plates – consist of two metal discs, which the performer holds in hands with the help of special straps. The main game of the game on the plates is a punch (more often sliding than a counter) of one plate on the other.

Triangle – a freely suspended metal rod, curved in the form of a triangle, which is hit with a metal rod during the game. Its sonority is bright, ringing, thanks to which the triangle is well audible even with full tutti. Its main purpose – the introduction of the element of color and partly the dynamization of general sonority.

Tambourine – it has bugs and bells strung on wires, which, when shaken, ring strongly.

A wooden box is nothing more than a wooden block with a hollow in the middle. When you strike on this bar with wooden sticks (most often from a small drum), a dry and rather sharp sound arises. On the box, it is possible to perform rhythmic figures both in forte and in piano.

Castanets are two pairs of flat wooden cups. The performer puts them on hands and, with the help of his fingers, taps one piece of wood against the other, achieving a variety of rhythms.

Maracas originally were a hollowed out pumpkin stuffed with various objects. Placed stones, pellets, dry peas, etc., objects in the shaking of maracas produce a peculiar rustling crunching or tinkling.